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2013 A busy year with dances, receptions, car shows and auctions. We have been called in by several health clinics, private businesses and companies to perform security training for their employees.

Summer 2012 We have had a busy summer, with car shows and other special events added to our regular clients. Thank you to every client that has given us such great referrals.

We are happy with the new business, especially in the construction sector.

We provided overnight security for a large group of people that camped out in tents at Balloon Fiesta Park for a good cause in helping the homeless.

Spring 2012 - Hiring new guards is always a challenge. We probably interview 30 applicants or more for every 1 guard hired. Common mistakes include demanding a management job before they are even hired, when we are not hiring managers. Next is failing to bring the documents we told them to bring when we scheduled the appointment. This shows us that if the applicant cannot follow the instructions to get a job, they will not follow them when hired. Another is when they fail to fill out the application neatly, accurately and completely. They do not realize this task also tells us how they may do in filing reports. So it's a lot of work, but worth it to separate the wheat from the chaff.

 We have begun a new security guard training program in Albuquerque, where we have been conducting private one on one training classes for those whose schedules do not allow them to participate in a group class. Call for reservations. Most of our training in the past month has been for guards who have worked for other security guard companies, and they need their training since they have decided to obtain their license. 

Congratulations to our security team members who successfully foiled an attempted robbery at a special event dance this month. In fact, the owner of ProPlus Security was onsite to supervise security guards at the event, and he was responsible for personally apprehending one of the would-be robbers and recovering the money.

Winter 2012 - We are conducting training for entry level security guard level one certification on February 25, 2012, see our Security Guard Training page for more info.

Congratulations to one of our regular client families, for Jordan on his 18th birthday. Thanks for trusting us to provide security at all of your big dances.

Fall 2011 - The Superintendent of New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department, J. Dee Dennis, Jr, has lowered the individual licensing fee for a security guard from the very expensive $50, down to $15.  Thank you for helping the professional licensed guards, Mr. Dennis!

 We met a guard this week at an apartment complex who works for a big local security guard firm. We like to meet professionals in our field, so we struck up a conversation. We asked him about his guard license, and about his training. He admitted he had worked for this company for 4 years, and had none of the legally required training. Sadly, his employer is breaking the law in hiring unlicensed, untrained guards, and the hotel is liable for not checking each guards' license. The good news is he is going to get his training and his license right away, and look for work in a more professional company.

We enjoyed providing security this Fall for the "Humana" sponsored construction of the new playground at the PB&J preschool in the town of Bernalillo.

Thank you to national promotions firm "Trashtalk" for hiring us to provide security for your event.

 Summer 2011 - We conducted several security inspections on properties this month, as well as some security consulting. Remember that you can get a free estimate on security service if you invite me to your property, call me today.