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Are you a security guard that would like to work for an Albuquerque security guard company that follows the state law on security guards?
Do you wish you could find an Albuquerque security guard company whose guards look polished, clean and fitted?
Are you tired of the same old security company supervisors that jump from one company to the next without loyalty, and continue to run good opportunities for a classy company into the ground?
If so, we may have a place for you in the Pro+Plus Security family. We do not hire supervisors from other security companies. 

We hire high quality unarmed uniformed security guards that have their current level 1 guard card license. We are always interested in and men and women that work or have worked as correctional officers, military, and law enforcement officers. We also look for trained EMT, medics or those with recent certifications in CPR and First Aid. We do not need bouncers, we need trained guards that know how to use their heads to resolve a situation. We seek well groomed, clean cut guards, professionals that have respect for the rules and our clients.

SUPERVISORS - We do not hire supervisors from the outside, we only promote from within.  If you have been a supervisor at another company, please do not contact us to ask for a supervisor position. Everyone starts at the same level in our company, and earns their way up the hard way. We have supervisors that appear at all guard posts every shift to check on our security officers, provide continuing education, and to assist them. This is part of the Pro+Plus Security difference.

BONUS INCENTIVES - We have a bonus incentive program that is unmatched in the industry.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we love hiring veterans!

PAYCHECKS ON TIME - We pay our employees on time, every payday, in full. We bring your check  to the job site if you are working on payday, rather than making you drive to the office. We pay by corporate paycheck only, never cash. Our checks are prepared by the Paytech company so that all appropriate tax deductions are made.

GROOMING STANDARDS - We have strict grooming standards. If you want to be treated as professionals, you must appear professional. Guards & their uniforms are to be clean, groomed, uniform well fitted as in no sagging or baggy fit, shoes polished and tied, belt on, shirt tucked in when arriving on duty. No visible tattoos or piercings when on duty, or jewelry except wedding band or watch.

CODE OF CONDUCT - All employees sign a professional code of conduct that includes - 

No loitering, gossiping, or flirting with coworkers, the client’s employees or their customers.  In accordance with state law regarding confidentiality for guards 16-48-1.8, you are required to protect the client’s privacy as well as our company’s privacy. Do not discuss company business with clients or other companies, or clients business with anyone. No horseplay.  Sexual harassment of any kind is not tolerated. State law prohibits unauthorized benefit or accepting anything of value from employees of clients without the knowledge of our company, as it will be considered theft. No smoking on the job or at client’s property. Personal texting and phone is to be kept to a strict minimum when on duty. Treat client’s property and company property with care.

GUARD CARD LICENSE RENEWAL - If you are a licensed security guard and need to renew your current state security guard license you may obtain the application form online at

Remember that if you are late in filing for your renewal application , the fee is doubled!

NOTE: If you do NOT have a security officer level 1 license "guard card", please read the following:

State law in New Mexico requires that all security guards complete a state certified training program, provide fingerprints, two passport photos, and submit to a federal and state background check in order to obtain a security guard license (also known as a "guard card"). It is illegal to work as a security guard without this license.

We will not hire anyone as a uniformed security guard, regardless of experience, without an active guard card license. We will not post you as "temporary" or "pending", even if other security guard companies have done this for you in the past.

We cannot help you obtain your license from the state, you are required to do that on your own.

We will not advance money for your training or you license application fee. The fee to the state for a guard card for two years is $15, plus $44 for a background check, plus a fee for fingerprint cards, plus you will need to get two passport photos (available at Walgreen's for $10). The renewal of your license is much cheaper.

Contact the NM Regulation & Licensing Department in Santa Fe for more information on obtaining your license and training for Security Guard level
1 at phone (505) 476-4664.
You can also write to them at the
NM Private Investigations Advisory Board, Toney Anaya Building, 2550 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

If you need an application for the state security guard license or you want to read it, you may obtain it online at

If you are already a guard and you need to renew your application, you may find the form online at

To arrange an interview with Pro + Plus Security please phone Charles at (623) 703-5719.