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Event Services Security

We are a provider of security guards for event planners and event services. We provide licensed, trained, professional unarmed uniformed guards for your Albuquerque event planning needs.

Events Include:


Grand Opening
Charitable Events & Fundraisers

Our guards are friendly and respectful, and work hard to build a friendly response in their interactions with your guests. We pride ourselves on the ability of our guards to use their best tool, being their mind and their voice, to resolve most situations peacefully. You will find that we also provide a supervisor for the guards, and at least one guard with CPR and first aid training.

We have strict standards in physical appearance of our unarmed Albuquerque security guards along with our grooming and hygiene standards. Our security guards are uniformed, fit and polished. They do not have visible piercings, or tattoos that show while on duty. Hair is neatly trimmed. Their uniform fits properly, shoes polished, shirts tucked in. Our uniform is a black polo shirt with security lettering front, back and shoulders, along with and tan pants, in order to give your guests a relaxed visible presence.

If you are an Albuquerque wedding planner or Albuquerque event planner, we can work with you to provide a complete security solution for your clients.